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Gorgeous art meets rarity.

  • Mythamon is an innovative NFT artwork series taking inspiration from various themes of ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology, with a splash of Japanese anime.

  • There are only a maximum of 25K First Generation Mythamonsters to collect, spread over five seasons.

  • Mythamon seasons are listed higher with each successive season.

  • The gods zap Mythamonsters out of circulation over time for their transgressions.

  • Mythamon brings state of the art game theory into the NFT space, to bring you value!

you might ask...


  • Firstly, the art is straight up dope.

  • Secondly, Mythamon is designed to bring to bring value to the art collector via:

    • 30% of creator royalties go to zapping 

    • 40% of creator royalties are donated to medical research (SENS Foundation).

  • Every season minted increases by 0.02ETH from the previous.

  • A road-map built for the long term.


but wait...


  • We consider unnecessary gas fees to be a hindrance to mass adoption of NFTs, and believe they bring no added value to the NFT holder.

  • Polygon is a leading L2 solution, which is natively free from Ethereum gas fees. 

  • That's right. No Ethereum gas fees with Mythamon. 
    And yes, we're still on Opensea!

moving forward...


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • First season minted at 0.02ETH each (excluding presale)

  • Second season minted at 0.04ETH each (excluding presale)

  • Third season minted at 0.06ETH each (excluding presale)

  • Fourth season minted at 0.08ETH each (excluding presale)

Season 5

  • Fifth season minted at 0.10ETH each (excluding presale)

Second Generation

  • Potential Mythamonsters 2nd EVOLUTION NFT announcement

  • Potential Mythamon inventive token launch announcement

  • Priority AIRDROPPED to 1st generation HODLERS


From the years of the Middle Ages until modernity humanity believed they had moved beyond the ‘archaic and primitive’ restraints the gods had placed on them. Humanity continued to cycle between longer periods of war and famine and into periods of peace and prosperity. The Greek, Norse, and Egyptian gods collectively from Mt. Olympus, Valhalla and the Temples of Egypt had all given up on humans since their spiritual decline.

By the year 2784CE humans had gone extinct, by their own accord as per the prophesized nuclear Armageddon. Between the end of humanity and the year 30,000CE the earth went through a period of climatic restoration.

A new species had sprung from the earth, which is hypothesized to have occurred similarly to the birth of humanity from Prometheus and Athena. Creatures belonging to this species were thereby named Mythamonsters. Although visually closer to the appearance of a beast/monster, they were better designed in the image of the gods, all possessing traits and powers like those seen among various ancient demigods such as Achilles, Heracles, Sæmingr, and Apis.

The gods generate 25K Mythamonsters spread over five seasons. 
The gods unwilling to allow a repeat of humanities failures, will indiscriminately, and randomly zap Mythamon Monsters out of circulation at their discretion.





Feel free to contact us via Twitter with any questions you have regarding the project 😁


How does Mythamon incorporate rarity mechanics?

  • Of the 25K Mythamonsters to collect, each season will have a total of 5K NFT’s minted at a set cost of ETH. This includes those included in the presale and any giveaway. The cost of each listing will go up by the baseline (e.g, if season 1 is 0.02 ETH, season 2 may be 0.04 ETH, and season 3 may be 0.06 ETH, etc). This means with each season release the Mythamonsters require more ETH to obtain.

  • Secondly, the Mythamon project has a creator royalty fee associated with the trading of the NFT’s, of which a portion (30%) will be dedicated to zapping/burning random Mythamonsters out of circulation. Meaning that Mythamon NFT’s will be randomly scooped up from the market at market rate and removed permanently from circulation. Therefore from the total potential 25K Mythamonsters there will be less available to collectors.

What utility do Mythamon NFT’s provide?

  • Our aim as a community is to make the world a better place through our art. The world can be a dark place, and so we aim to bring some light.

  • Mythamon is dedicated to donating a portion (40%) of creator royalty fee towards a medical research organization (SENS Research Foundation) whom are dedicated to inventing regenerative medical solutions to better humanity.

  • More information on SENS foundation can be viewed here: involved/donate/

  • SENS foundations Ethereum address (0x542EFf118023cfF2821b24156a507a513Fe93539) will be able to be validated against donations.

  • As discussed in ‘How does this project incorporate rarity mechanics?’ Mythamon has state of the art rarity mechanics incorporated into it, which may make the earlier art works more attractive to NFT enthusiasts.

What happens when all the Mythamonsters are sold out?

  • Once all Mythamon seasons have been sold out, an announcement on a second generation Mythamon launch will be made, and a utility token will be announced, of which will be airdropped purely to existing Mythamon NFT holders.

  • Once season 1 completely sells out we are aiming to announce a potential merchandise / clothing release which may have some cool perks for NFT holders. Nothing is confirmed yet, you’ll have to stay tuned for future announcements ;)


Why is the Mythamon supply so large at 25K?

  • We believe NFTs are for everyone, not just whales. By making such a high supply it means that more people have a chance to collect the art.


Will Mythamon do an X return?How much will my Mythamon sell for?

  • Mythamon is here to create cool art that we hope you enjoy. The Mythamon NFT project is an art series, and as such should not be considered a financial investment.

  • We cannot provide financial advice, as we are not financial advisors. We cannot determine how much our art will trade for as this will be determined by the market.

  • If you decide to trade NFT’s remember they pose considerable risk of loss.

  • As such, Mythamon will not be responsible for any financial decisions you make. Please contact a financial professional and do your own research.

What if my question is not listed here?

  • If your question is not listed here please head over to our Twitter page @Mythamon and we will be sure to assist you.

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